Dr. Abraham Weiss was a male Tau'ri recruited into the NID before deserting them on Kalydon and mingling in with the natives.


Weiss became a doctor in an unknown field before being recruited by the NID as a cultural advisor to an intelligence project which they refused to specify for him. The mysterious assignment soon turned out to be the Department's burgeoning Stargate project, and Weiss soon found himself seconded to it as a translator and scientific consultant. After some time in the organization, Weiss decided that he did not agree with their methods, and the only thing that kept him from leaving them—and thus kept him alive—was the "friendly" advice from his commander not to do so.

It was perhaps because of this "friendly" advice that, on Weiss's last trip through the Stargate to P5C-982, he abandoned his team on their first night and disappeared into the forest with only a FN Five-SeveN and his survival knife to keep him safe. As luck would have it, this very decision saved Weiss's life as the rest of his team were discovered by the Guard of Ages who set a Kalydonian beast on them. The beast stalked the group before killing every member save Weiss who, by this time, had made it safely away. Through sheer luck, Weiss escaped both the local wildlife and the Guard of Ages and came upon the fort town of Nephele. When he arrived, he was immediately brought before the town's KingAeolus—who questioned him at great lengths on his strange manner of dress as well as questioning how he had came to Kalydon.

Weiss spent the next week being questioned by Aeolus, and indeed many of the concepts Weiss referred to intrigued both the King and his court. Soon afterwards, Weiss found himself travelling from one town to another under guard by some of Kalydon's finest hunters, secretly spreading dissent against their god Cronus. Weiss soon took to the role of a radical preacher and became an icon for revolution on the planet. The local Jaffa quickly learned of this preacher and made it their job to hunt him down for their god. It was because of this that Weiss became very agitated, and soon began to lose touch with reality. Using his own expertise and philosophy, he slowly started to bring the natives out of their enforced Bronze Age, gathering a small resistance movement around him. It was unknown, however, if he was going to simply destroy the worship of Cronus or replace it himself. (RPG: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

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