Abu is a Shavadai and son of the Chieftain Moughal from the planet Simarka.



He appeared to be somewhat of the local healer as he was very focused on medicines as a strength for the tribe and was seen applying a Sha'vadi anesthetic to a wounded tribesman. He was the first person on the planet to meet SG-1 when they came through the gate and was saved by them from a pack of feral dogs. When his fellow tribesmen caught up to SG-1 and Abu they were going to kill Captain Samantha Carter but Abu convinced them not to by telling them she saved his life. A little later however, when he saw her dressed as a Shavadai, he discarded his gratitude and decided to sell her to a rival tribal chief—Turghan—to get Turghan's daughter Nya for himself. Turghan didn't go along with his logic though and offered 300 weights of gold instead. (SG1: "Emancipation")

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