Adara II is the second planet of the Adara System. It was an uninhabitable planet in the Milky Way galaxy.


It is a member of the Protected Planets Treaty and it was the site of the Asgard Heimdall's lab in 2002, where he conducted research on an Asgard ancestor found six months earlier. The planet helped hide the laboratory due to its dense, hot atmosphere and intense, fluctuating electromagnetic fields.

Osiris eventually intruded on the planet. Thor arrived in a Bilskirnir-class ship, believing that the Goa'uld would retreat in the face of an Asgard ship. Unfortunately for him the Goa'uld's Ha'taks had been modified with Ancient shield technology by Anubis, and they overpowered Thor's ship.

SG-1 went to rescue Heimdall and Thor using a Tel'tak. Following their rescue of Thor, Anubis' Ha'tak pursued them, but Freyr arrived with three O'Neill-class ships, forcing Anubis to retreat. (SG1: "Revelations")

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