Adarite was a mineral that was discovered by the Lanteans in the Pegasus galaxy. It was a power-generating substance, with a small amount being capable of incinerating a Human with a single discharge. It was considered as an alternate power source by the Atlantis expedition- as well as a possible weapon against the Asurans, as it would disrupt the bonds between their nanites, while generating such a broad range of energy that the Asurans would be unable to adapt to it - but this possibility was rejected when it was discovered that the energy generated by adarite had a negative effect on human physiology, hampering their ability to retain short-term memories and causing gradually more extensive neurological and physical damage over time (These effects were less pronounced on those possessing the Ancient gene, but those with the gene would still be vulnerable to Adarite's negative effects if exposed for a long enough period of time). (SGA: "Casualties of War")

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