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Aegis was a Asgard spaceship used by Fenrir.

The Asgard Fenrir was convicted by the Asgard High Council to be put in stasis on his ship, the Aegis , made ​​by unauthorized tests collapsar device in a populated star system. He was sentenced to be sent to roam the galactic cluster for five hundred seasons, on a course to get him back to the planet Hala when his punishment was over. His ship got into the Pegasus galaxy, and in a stroke of bad luck, he found himself among the planet Heruun and Wraith fleet who was preparing to culling its inhabitants when his ship dropped out of hyperspace a to make a course correction. Fenrir and his vastly superior ship managed to win the battle that followed, but took in injuries and crash-landed on Heruun's moon.

Stranded, with no way to completely repair his ship without help, he kidnapped several Heruun locals and temporarily brainwashed them to fix their ship for a period of weeks, then send them back home with their memories of where they were and made ​​at the time period erased. Aegis was destroyed when a Wraith queen had an implanted bomb that she detonated, sacrificing herself, to destroy Fenrir. (SGA: "Nightfall")

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