Akkad was a planet in Milky Way galaxy which has a Stargate. Belus transplanted humans on the planet from Earth derived from the Akkadian culture. After Ra's death Akkad remained isolated from the fight, because it offered relatively in terms of natural resources and lacks any kind of strategic value. Goa'uld Sargon ruled Akkad in the past. Sargon continued to serve Ishtar by Ras death, and is in the standby served by Warriors of Akkad.

The city of Akkad and the surrounding villages are home to nearly a quarter of a million inhabitants. Located next to a large river, lands near the city offers fertile farmland and agriculture is one of the planets have valuable resources. At least one Ohne freedom fighter arrived Akkad and began to instill ideas resistance and rebellion in people. (RPG: "Fantastic Frontiers: Stargate Season One")