Alar was the leader of the Eurondans. When he was a little boy, his father planned the extermination of the Breeders and promised to live up to his father's name. However, the "Breeders" managed to survive.

In 2000, he managed to make contact with Earth through the Stargate, asking Stargate Command for help in exchange for Eurondan technology. Although Colonel Jack O'Neill was initially willing to go through with the trade, Dr. Daniel Jackson objected to such an exchange, given their lack of knowledge about the other side. However, it wasn't until Alar made a racist comment about Teal'c that O'Neill allowed Daniel to ask further questions. After learning that the Eurondans were essentially followers of a Nazi-esque philosophy, O'Neill and Teal'c turned the Eurondans' own remote-controlled fighters that they were given access to against the base, giving the Breeders an opening to destroy the facility. Attempting to escape, Alar begged to be permitted to accompany SG-1 back to Earth in exchange for telling them what he knew, but O'Neill rejected the offer and warned him to not follow them through the Stargate. After arriving back on Earth, O'Neill ordered the Iris closed, with the subsequent impact against the Iris suggesting that Alar attempted to follow anyway and was killed. (SG1: "The Other Side")