Alekos is a male Argosian from the planet Argos. He is married to Thetys and father of Dan-el. When SG-1 went to Argos, Alekos was in the Temple of Pelops with his wife Thetys who was about to give birth, and he asked them for help. Alekos was so proud to be a father that he named their son Dan-el after Dr. Daniel Jackson. Alekos lived in the village near the temple with his family and the rest of Argosians. After Colonel Jack O'Neill became infected by Nanites and told Kynthia that he had lived thousands of days, Alekos asked him if it was true, and Jack said it was. Jack told him to go out into the world to see what lies beyond the village. Alekos, however, never left the village, and when he and his family and some other Argosians came with trays of offerings to the statue of Pelops, they asked him to return.

O'Neill explained that Pelops was an alien, who had taken Alekos' ancestors from Earth to Argos to be experimented on, to see how the human body would evolve after several thousand years, and see how advanced the body had become. For this purpose, Pelops placed nanites in their bodies to massively speed up their lifecycle. When the nanites were neutralized, Alekos was not one of the Chosen anymore, so he and other Argosians brought down the statue of Pelops. Since then, Alekos and the rest of Argosians have lived happily. (SG1: "Brief Candle")

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