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This article is about the Earth film. You may be looking for Milky Way Races
"Colonel Sheppard speaks of it often."
Teyla Emmagan[src]

Alien was a popular movie made on Earth. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard had an interest in the movie. He compared the skirmish with the Bug People to the events in this movie. (SGA: "Vengeance")

Dr. Jennifer Keller and Dr. Rodney McKay had seen the movie. McKay said that he threw up on his date, Jocelyn Rutger, when he saw the infamous scene where an alien burst out of John Hurt. When hearing this, Ronon Dex displayed a great interest in wanting to see the movie. Keller had a dream where a creature burst out of Teyla Emmagan's stomach, similar to that scene. (SGA: "Doppelganger")

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