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Alison Porter
Alison Porter
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"What brings you here to the Pegasus galaxy?"
"Well, you can just chalk that up to my sense of adventure: a desire to visit strange, unexplored worlds, meet new and interesting people..."
Carson Beckett and Alison Porter

Alison Porter was a scientist who joined the Atlantis expedition during its fifth year of operation.


Not much is known about her past. What is known is that in 1996, she graduated from Caltech. She joined the Atlantis expedition in 2008, with the hope of exploring other planets and interacting with the people. She was chosen to join Major Anne Teldy's team.

On one mission, she encountered a Wraith lab operated by Michael Kenmore before he abandoned it. When the team requested help from Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and the clone of Dr. Carson Beckett, she grew fond of Carson, who also grew fond with her. She was being stalked by Michael's experiments, but was eventually able to take them all down, with help from her team. She then went back to Earth for some down time but Beckett requested her as part of this team when she returned. (ATL: "Whispers")

She was mentioned by Dr. Rodney McKay and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, who were arguing with each other about why Sheppard went on a resupply mission. McKay thought that he wanted to see her.

Behind the scenesEdit

Doctor Alison Porter was originally the name for Captain Alicia Vega, but this name was changed during production.

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