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All-Terrain Cruiser

The All-Terrain Cruiser.

The All-Terrain Cruiser was a form of land vehicle created by the Tau'ri. The vehicle itself had four all-terrain sand dune tires and an armor-plated body which was fitted with roll-bars on the top. Attached to these roll-bars was a missile launcher which could be moved up or down to hit air-borne targets. Either side of this launcher was a pair of communications antennas allowing the crew of the vehicle to communicate with other beings. The final piece of technology on the All-Terrain Cruiser was a front-facing videocam recorder which was placed directly in front of passenger seat.

All Terrain Cruiser

A diagram of the All-Terrain Cruiser.

Behind the scenesEdit

As the All-Terrain Cruiser was only seen as a Hasbro toy, created for the line based on the Stargate film, it is unclear if the vehicle actually exists in the Stargate universe.

The toy itself was created using a modified mold of the G.I. Joe A.W.E. Striker, with minor changes to accommodate the different size of the Stargate figures and a different colour scheme.

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