Amun Station were a space station of Supreme System Lord Ra. System Lords usually have a number of space stations, constructed over the years to serve as orbital platforms and neutral grounds meeting. Such a structure is Amun Station, personal space station Ra and his forces.

It revolves around a massive yellow star (reportedly the same star that gave Ra the idea for his "Sun God" affectation) and bristle with weapons. The solar system where Amun Station is contains no other habitable planets or active Stargate. The only way to reach it is by spaceship, makes it an isolated haven and a favorite for Ras prison inmates. After Ras death Amun Station was abandoned and left derelict. For many years, the station saw some activity and was almost completely forgotten. But shortly thereafter returned Anubis claim the station of its own. He began using it as a venue for Lord as Osiris and Zipacna. Additionally Anubis sent undercover Jaffa and Goa'uld lord over the System Lords and had them delete the location of the space station from the memory banks the other Goa'uld computers. The only trace that remains of Ras refuge is in historical documents about the Sun Gods. A precious few still includes the coordinate of the space station and details on its defense. (RPG: "Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")

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