Anatole Konstantinov was a male Tau'ri who was a Cosmonaut in the Russian Air Force, and was serving a tour on the International Space Station when it passed close to the wreckage of Anubis' mothership. At that time, Anubis took Konstantinov as his host and the two were returned to Earth when Konstantinov completed his tour of duty. Following this, Konstantinov fell ill and was then transferred to a hospital in Moscow, where he was visited by his friend—Colonel Alexi Vaselov—whom Anubis then transferred into, causing Konstantinov to die. Konstantinov's official cause of death was renal failure, though unofficially the Russian authorities had no idea how he died, and were unaware it was Anubis' presence inside Konstantinov which killed him. (SG1: "Lockdown")

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