Anise is a Tok'ra, and the symbiote of her host, Freya. She is an able scientist and archaeologist. Anise says her name means "noble strength." (SG1: "Upgrades")



SG-1 first met Anise when she brought the Atanik armbands and requested they take part in her experiment. However, when she approached them about a mission to destroy Apophis' Battleship, Major General George S. Hammond believed she knew of the ship all along and planned an attack using the SG-1 team. After this experience with the armbands, the members of SG-1 were somewhat distrustful of Anise. (SG1: "Upgrades")

When Shan'auc came to Stargate Command with the offer of allowing her symbiote to join the Tok'ra, Anise was sent to Earth to hear the offer. She returned to Vorash to speak with the Tok'ra High Council. She returned and informed SG-1 that the Tok'ra had accepted her offer and found a Shan'auc a new symbiote. After Tanith was blended with Hebron and Shan'auc was found dead, she suspected Tanith was the culprit but the Council planned to use him to provide misinformation to the Goa'uld. (SG1: "Crossroads")

When the Tok'ra and Tau'ri were in the process of negotiating a treaty, she was present when Major Thomas Graham attacked Supreme High Councilor Per'sus and then committed suicide. She determined he was a Za'tarc and that the Goa'uld had attempted to stop the treaty. She traveled to Earth to use the Za'tarc detector on members of Stargate Command. She determined Lt. Louise Astor, Major Samantha Carter and Colonel Jack O'Neill were Za'tarcs. While O'Neill was locked in isolation Freya told him she is attracted to him, but Anise prefers Dr. Daniel Jackson. He declined her advances and she left. Later she convinced him to use the Za'tarc detector to remove the programing, but was stopped when Carter realized they weren't telling the whole truth. She tested them both again and they came up negative. O'Neill asked her if she had been tested and she said she had not been in a position to be made into a Za'tarc. Carter then asked about Martouf, who had not been tested and was in fact a Za'tarc. (SG1: "Divide and Conquer")

When Teal'c and O'Neill needed rescue from the X-301 Interceptor due to a Recall device preventing them from regaining control of the ship, Jackson contacted all their spaceflight-capable allies for assistance, and she spoke with him as the representative of the Tok'ra. Although she had to officially turn down the request for help, she worded her response in such a way as to hint to Jackson that they had a covert operative with a Tel'tak on the Goa'uld-occupied world of P2C-257, which was within a day or so of Earth. (SG1: "Tangent")

Behind the ScenesEdit

Anise was introduced as a means to combat the ratings climb achieved by Star Trek Voyager's introduction of a sexy female cast member, Seven of Nine (played by Jeri Ryan) a couple of years earlier. Peter DeLuise explained that after reviewing the ratings and determining that the series was performing fine as it was, the character of Anise was scrapped. Ironically, Vanessa Angel also auditioned for the role of Seven of Nine on Voyager, prior to Jeri Ryan accepting the role. [1]

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