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Antarctic outpost
Antarctic outpost



Milky Way



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Tau'ri (present), Ancients (past)

Current status


The Antarctic outpost is an outpost built by the Ancients when they lived on Earth. Buried hundreds of feet beneath the ice of Antarctica, it is the last known remnant of the Ancients settlements on Earth.

Little is known about the purpose of this outpost except that it served as the only link between the lost city of Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy and the Milky Way. It is located on the site that Atlantis once occupied, being left behind when the former left for the Pegasus Galaxy. It is located not far from McMurdo Air Force Base.



The Antarctic outpost. From the Stargate Atlantis premiere episode, "Rising Part 1".

The outpost is a small hexagonally shaped structure, now completely encased in ice flows. Though small, the outpost contains thousands of Drone weapons which Colonel Jack O'Neill used to annihilate the fleet of the Goa'uld System Lord Anubis when he attempted to invade Earth in 2004. Like many of the weapons created by the Ancients, they can only be accessed by a Control chair.

Access to the outpost was gained by a set of Transportation rings, though an elevator was eventually built that allowed access through the tunnel that was created by the transporter. The outpost is identical to the one found on Proclarush Taonas. There is also a window on one side of the outpost, however this is most likely covered by ice.


The outpost is fitted with some of the most advanced Ancient technology, including Zero Point Modules as a power source, a huge arsenal of Drone weapons and a Stasis pod. Based on the fact that the outpost on Taonas had a shield, it stands to reason that the Antarctic outpost has one too, but cannot be activated due to power supply issues. (SG1: "Lost City, Part 2")

The outpost is also fitted with a set of Transportation rings to allow access. Either the Ancients had outside access to the outpost or the ring transporter is compatible with Atlantis' transporters.

Antarctic TreatyEdit

The Control chair was demanded to be removed by the International Oversight Advisory due to it violating the weapons ban in the Antarctic Treaty, and after lengthy negotiations was relocated to Area 51. Less than a month later, it was destroyed by Wraith Darts during the Battle of the Super-hive. (ATL: "Enemy at the Gate")

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