Anthrax is a very deadly disease from Earth caused by bacteria. Anthrax is deadly in up to 92% of cases, but some forms of the disease respond well to antibiotics treatment.

In 1997, Apophis placed two viruses in two hollow teeth that he had placed in Rya'c so he could wipe out the Tau'ri. Drey'auc told Teal'c that Rya'c had lost two teeth in training with Bra'tac. Dr. Janet Fraiser examined teeth and discovered they had something in them. After Fraiser had discovered the virus in the teeth and destroyed them, she informed Major General George S. Hammond and SG-1. Major Samantha Carter and Fraiser said if the virus had met each other, they would let loose a dangerous virus which would kill all life on Earth in a few weeks. Colonel Jack O'Neill thought it sounded like anthrax. According to Fraiser as anthrax would be like a common cold in comparison with the virus. (SG1: "Family")

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