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Stargate SG-1 has been a television hit for nine years, with a record-breaking tenth on the way. APPROACHING THE POSSIBLE: The World of Stargate SG-1 tackles everything from the mythology of Ancient Egypt, to the series' devoted and vocal fan community, and its evolution as a CGI wunderkind.


  • A comprehensive guide to the first eight seasons that examines SG-1 episode by episode, introducing the show for new viewers while providing an in-depth exploration of the series for long-time fans
  • Background information on the mythology and science not only of the stories, but of the writing, directing, and special effects as well
  • Exclusive interviews with cast and crew members including Joe Mallozzi, Teryl Rothery, and James Tichenor, engaging the Stargate universe from multiple angles
  • A special chapter devoted to the unique contributions fans have brought to the show and a personal tour of one of the most popular SG-1 Web sites, GateWorld
  • Favorite, funny lines from each episode. (Indeed!)
  • A look at the cultural relevance of Stargate's filming location: Vancouver, Canada.
  • A 16-page color photo insert and dozens of exclusive photos throughout the book
  • A showcase of the passion the show inspires in its viewers, from real-life scientists to fan fiction writers.

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