Aquinas is a male Lira-kean from Lira-ke. He worked as a pilot and technician in Lira-kes lap with income with a profitable smuggling. Both tools and electrical supplies could disappear from the dry dock as he was assigned as then was traveling to various black marketers in the entire Serquet .

He was often no more in profit than he did in truth he would have done everything for free because avenge the Selkets technical capabilities. He hated her goddess like few others and but be careful and be quiet and never drew attention to himself either, and he let on how he really felt. Yet it was only a matter of time before he earned the attention of the ruling Goa'uld. Impressed by his audacity, they decided not to arrest him without making him a target at the next festival.

First Ashrak who tracked him seriously underestimated his abilities, however. He killed the murderer by lighting Ha'taks engine he was working on then fled into the city to get lost in the crowd. Several other Ashrak tried to herd him into an ambush, but he eluded them despite sophisticated tracking tools they used. Two days before, he Selkets best and brightest before guardian angel intervened. Tok'ra Geraint drew attention to his persistence and arranged a daring escape. He helped Aquinas switched identification bracelets then smuggled him off-world by his mercenaries contacts. Ashrak was eventually killed a hastily prepared look-like Aquinas and soon found himself among the Tok'ra. Grateful for his rescue, he worked hard among his new friends, helping to maintain its small contingent of ships. When the symbiote Elsinth needed a new host, he volunteered for mixing, Elsinth was a brave pilot and the two made a natural fit.

Since then they have been couriers and long-term rescue personnel Tok'ra thing. Aquinas' smuggling experiences will help him get in and out of places without being noticed and Elsinths pilot skills means that they can escape some unexpected scratches with ease. They specialize in inserting agents in Goa'uld space, gliding through sensor networks and controls as if they were not there. Elsinth are fascinated by Tau'ri, whose reckless courage he finds inspiring, and the two are eager to work with all SG teams who need their help. (RPG: "First Steps: The Stargate Unexplored Worlds Roleplaying Sourcebook")

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