This article is about the Goa'uld. For the Human also known as Ares, see Aries.

Ares was a minor Goa'uld System Lord grasping for power during Anubis' reign of terror.



Ares' Jaffa symbol.

Following Anubis' defeat at the hands of the Tau'ri, Ba'al took control of the Kull warriors and began to defeat the other System Lords. Many of them were thus forced to retreat to worlds which they had formerly abandoned. Ares was one of them and he chose Arkhan's World as his new home planet. Since this planet was the new home of Harry Maybourne, SG-1 was dispatched to bring him back to Earth. Before they could do so however, a group of Jaffa under command of Ares' First Prime Trelak came to the planet through the Stargate to prepare the inhabitants of the planet for Ares' arrival. Although the Jaffa were defeated, Ares soon arrived in his Ha'tak. General Jack O'Neill thus took a Puddle Jumper, which SG-1 had found on the planet and attacked the Ha'tak with the ship's Drone weapons. Luckily, he hit a critical spot, destroying the Ha'tak with only two drones and thus killing Ares in the process. (SG1: "It's Good to Be King")

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