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Argos planet
Astrographical information

Milky Way

Societal information




Technological period

Bronze Age

Earth interest

Argosian homeworld

Under control of

Argosians (present), Pelops (past)

Out of universe information

"Brief Candle"

Argos designated P3X-8596 by the Tau'ri, was a planet in the Milky Way galaxy which had a Stargate and was home to the Argosians. It was formerly ruled by the Goa'uld Pelops.


The planet only has one known settlement, with its Stargate inside the main temple. The settlement is located on a beach. The planet's climate resembles the same as the Mediterranean on Earth, warm and dry. The Argosians were descended from the Minoan civilization, which was based in the Mediterranean. The planet features an ideal climate with beautiful skies and landscapes, fresh water and delicious, seductive foods. A definitive Greek ancestry decorates the structures, as well as the clothing of the Argosians, the planets occupants who preferred to call themselves the Chosen. (SG1: "Brief Candle")


For some time, Pelops operated on the planet, experimenting on the human population, much like Nirrti has done, attempting to expand their lifespan. However, when Pelops did not return, he had left the entire population in a condition which limited their lives to one or two months in length, accelerating their life-cycles at an incredible velocity with SG-1 team leader, Colonel Jack O'Neill falling victim to the nanites and aging rapidly before Captain Samantha Carter came up with a solution that ultimately restored O'Neill back to his original age while ensuring that the population themselves would not suffer a fate that had befallen them for years or generations. (SG1: "Brief Candle")

After SG-1 visited the planet, they managed to halt the mechanism Pelops used to accelerate their growth, and they now lead long and productive lives. (SG1: "Politics")

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