Aris Boch's Tel'tak was a Tel'tak that originally belonged to Sokar.


This Tel'tak was stolen from one of his occupied worlds by the Tok'ra Korra. He flew the Tel'tak to PJ6-877 in the hope of escaping through the Stargate. Unfortunately, the bounty hunter Aris Boch was waiting for him and attacked. He fled to a cave and Aris commandeered the Tel'tak. While hunting for Korra, he came across SG-1 who were searching for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle that Aris shot down. He trapped them in a forcefield and confiscated their weapons. He brought them to the Tel'tak and locked them in the cargo area. After convincing SG-1 to help him capture Korra, he was persuaded to let him go in exchange for Teal'c. After leaving in the Tel'tak, he self-destructed the ship after jettisoning the escape pods with Teal'c and himself in them. (SG1: "Deadman Switch")