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Arvold Rooker
Arvold Rooker
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Lucian Alliance

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Stargate: Vala Mal Doran 1

Arvold Rooker is a member of the Lucian Alliance.

Various years ago he hired Vala Mal Doran to execute a job that went wrong. Some time later Vala incursioned on his home on Aldan-3 and retrieved a Data Disk. Arvold managed to confront Vala, and as Vala escaped, he declared her an official enemy of the Lucian Alliance. (SG1: "Vala Mal Doran 1")

He hired the bounty hunter Shrike to capture Vala. (SG1: "Vala Mal Doran 2")

Shrike contacted Arvold and replied that after killing Vala, he would be going after Arvold. (SG1: "Vala Mal Doran 4")

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