An Aschen computer is a powerful data processor developed and used by the Aschen Confederation.


These computers were far more powerful than the Tau'ri equivalent at the time, and were frequently used by the Aschen for various operations. Some of these systems contained a holographic projector on a roughly triangular table. At least three terminals were present in the three corners of the table, which authorized personnel use to access the system.

Through these devices, an individual was capable of accessing the Aschen computer core, which was a large database of information on a variety of subjects. Data on medicine was located in a separate medical subcore, which contained planetary birthrate statistics. Only Aschen were allowed access to the Aschen computer core, through the input of their personal keycode.

The Aschen computer was powerful enough to calculate when a Solar flare would appear on a star, and was linked to satellites orbiting Earth. (SG1: "2010")



The medical subcore being accessed.

One such system was installed on Earth by the Aschen who began to use them as a means to determine how to turn Jupiter into a new star. Samantha Carter was assigned as Mollem's assistant while using the computer to determine if enough material was present to allow the transformation process with information being provided by numerous monitoring satellites.

Doctor Janet Fraiser managed to convince Carter to secretly use the computer to access the Aschen core. Once inside, they entered the medical subcore where they discovered that the Aschen medicine, while curing them of disease and increasing their lifespan, had resulted in a reduction in the planet's birthrate as part of an Aschen plot to bring Earth's humanity to extinction in order to subtely take over the planet.

The computer was once again used by Carter secretly to monitor the stars for signs of a solar flare in order to use the Stargate to send a message back in time to prevent Stargate Command from making contact with the Aschen. (SG1: "2010")

Behind the scenesEdit

The prop holographic table was reused as the Atlantis briefing table for seasons 1-4 of Stargate: Atlantis. (SGA: "Suspicion")

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