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Asgard scout ship
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The Asgard scout ship is a class spaceship as designed by the Asgard and used by the Vanir.


The scout ship is fast enough to travel from Pegasus galaxy and a Earth in fifty hours. It is smooth, that is invisible hyperspace transition to its pointed out that they have made the jump to hyperspace. It is also small, described as being about twice the size of a Puddle Jumper.


When the Vanir came to the Pegasus galaxy, they had a scout ship they landed in an installation on an uninhabited world later used by the Travelers as a supply depot. The scout ship was eventually placed into mothballs and forgotten when the Vanir abandoned the planet for an unknown reason. Hundreds, maybe thousands of years later, the Tau'ri came to the planet in hopes that the installation contained technology that could be used to heal the injuries of the Vanir Dis, fatally injured when Dr. Rodney McKay shot down his ship on Sateda. While exploring the facility, John Sheppard and Teyla Emmagan discovered the scout ship. They later decided to use it to reach Earth in order to "exile" former Lieutenant Aiden Ford and help Dis contact the Ascended Asgard Ran. After Ran agreed to try to help the Vanir save their race, the two departed in the scout ship for the Pegasus galaxy, leaving the Atlantis team to return to the SGC in the Puddle Jumper they had brought aboard. (SGA: "The Third Path")

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