Atalanta is a Goa'uld Underlord. Atalanta, as a living contradiction, is brought to life and given position and respect at the command of a master she secretly encouraged to undermine. She got a symbiote of Cronus and made her first underlord for over a thousand years. Training together Guard of Ages and learn how war from Cronus, Atalanta soon grew into a capable soldier and scout and knew the forests of Kalydon better than someone who lived a mortal life could ever hope for. When Atalanta took command of the world of Cronus name, she won the loyalty of his Jaffa almost immediately.

While Cronus gambit had worked he was a child who would rule in his name and not be able to claim divinity over him. Ja'dins gambit had succeeded beyond her wildest dreams. Atalanta guilty Ja'din all, her position, her power, her life and Guard of Ages was fiercely loyal to Atalanta, perhaps more so than they would Cronus. She felt Ja'dins plan and followed it with fervor, hungry for power, regardless of how she came by it. Among the pharaohs said the biggest challenges comes not from its competitors, but from their sons. Atalanta was almost like a son of Cronus, trained by him and honed by centuries of war in a perfect hunter.

When Cronus was weakened by Ja'dins illusions of deceit and betrayal ghost Zeus planned Atalanta slaying oracle and take command of the fleets that will lead them to glory and take her to her place among his System Lords. It was only when Cronus' Ha'tak did not seem to take a legion of trained Jaffa warriors Atalanta suspected something was wrong. It was not long before she became aware of the Juna and the demise of her lord and all of his closest advisers.

Suddenly, she had waited for was gone swept up in the grasp of the newly freed Zeus, and she was alone on Kalydon with no allies. Atalanta have yet to swear their legions to another System Lord, and she finds the time, she may be reluctant to do so. While she has no regard for the people of Kalydon and rules them hard as Cronus, she has learned to respect the Jaffa she fights alongside, and fear that they will rebel against her if she asks them to make a new god. As time goes on her edict becomes harder to keep people loyal and philosophies that are spread by a rogue NID agent sat cause even Jaffa during her officers to question Cronus' divinity. (RPG: "Stargate SG-1: Living Gods: Stargate System Lords")