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Astrographical information




Societal information

Athosians past

Technological period

None (present), Pre-industrial (past)

Earth interest

Former Athosian homeworld

Under control of

None (present)Uninhabited, Athosians (past)

Out of universe information


"There is still talk of returning, even though I've told them the Wraith have scorched Athos bare in revenge for our resistance."
Teyla Emmagan[src]

Athos was the first planet the Atlantis expedition visited after arriving in the Pegasus Galaxy in 2004. They met the Athosians, who told them of the Wraith.

The Athosian village was near a city built by the Athosians. Teyla Emmagan took Major John Sheppard to some caves where the early Athosians hid from the Wraith, and where Sheppard found a necklace that belonged to Teyla. Unfortunately, the central locket was actually a Wraith transmitter that detected the ATA gene in Sheppard, which lead the Wraith to cull the planet. The Tau'ri helped the Athosians to fight back, but there were still a number of losses, leading Sheppard to take the Athosians back to Atlantis. As punishment for the Athosians' defiance, the Wraith devastated the planet. (SGA: "Rising")

Athos was littered with forests and has short days. (SGA: "Rising") It was later revealed that at some point the expedition must have returned as Teyla commented that the Wraith had "scorched it bare" in revenge. (SGA: "The Storm")

Teyla later discovered that two of the first Wraith, Ashes and Osprey originally came from Athos. When the Wraith escaped their prison on the frozen planet, they escaped through the Stargate to Athos before quickly dialing out again. They later tried to seek help on Athos from Ashes human wife, but were ambushed by the Ancients and forced to escape. (SGA: "Secrets")

Alternate timelineEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The planet is named after Mount Athos, a peninsula in Northern Greece which is home to multiple ancient Christian monasteries that have been in continuous use since at least the 9th Century CE.

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