Landry: "Tell me you didn't engage the Ori, Colonel."
Sheppard: "We didn't engage the Ori, sir. Babbis here was inspecting some curious fauna when he discovered the ground underneath him wasn't stable. He fell twenty feet into a babbling brook. Wallace there was trying to help him get back up when he lost his footing, and…broke his ankle."
Major General Henry Landry and Lt. Colonel John Sheppard

Babbis was a member of SG-4 under the command of Lt. Colonel John Sheppard. While on a mission offworld in 2006, he was inspecting animal life when he realized that he was on unstable ground, falling twenty feet into a small stream. Major Christopher Wallace lost his own footing and broke his ankle trying to help Babbis out. They all returned to Stargate Command. (SGA: "The Return, Part 1")

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