Bacis was a minor Goa'uld who undertook the Trial of Moons. He had a mate named Sidhe. His intention in taking the trial was to make a better life for him and his mate. On the eleventh planet, while resting under an archway after retrieving the two keys needed and inserting one of them, the archway collapsed on him. Unable to get free, Bacis recorded a goodbye message to his beloved. He died, but his host survived for a few moments and said something of his own, before dying too. His body was discovered some years later by Doctor Daniel Jackson and, after SG-1 got the key they needed from him, they partially buried him, leaving the wind and sand of the desert world they were on to do the rest. Daniel listened to Bacis' message, but was unable to understand what his host's last words were. (SG1: "The Barque of Heaven")

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