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The Battle in Seattle took place first between the Free Jaffa Nation and the Trust and later the Tau'ri in the aftermath of the Battle of Dakara in 2005.


After the Battle of Dakara, the System Lord Ba'al sought refuge in Seattle, Earth and took control of the The Trust. Upon discovering that Lord Ba'al was hiding on Earth, Gerak set out to capture Ba'al and thereby solidify his own grip on the hearts and minds of the Jaffa High Council.

The BattleEdit

When Gerak of the Free Jaffa Nation discovered that the exiled System Lord Ba'al was on Earth, he sent troops to Earth and attacked a Farrow-Marshall Aeronautics warehouse in Edison, Virginia. He was able to capture a Goa'uld inside of Alex Jameson but one of his Jaffa was left behind and hit by a car and killed. After Teal'c and Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell traveled to Dakara to confront Gerak, he denied any knowledge of the Jaffa's presence but Teal'c believed he was lying. Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson began investigating Farrow-Marshall but Carter was stonewalled by Charlotte Mayfield. Teal'c and Mitchell began asking around Dakara and Ka'lel informed them that the Jaffa died attempting to capture Ba'al. After the Goa'uld inside of Alex Jameson was tortured into giving the location of Ba'al's hideout, a group of Jaffa lead by Yat'yir raided an office building, however Ba'al was able to escape.

After the Free Jaffa Nation conduct an unsuccessful raid on Farrow-Marshall's headquarters, Ba'al sent a message to Stargate Command and told them he would follow Earth laws if he was left alone and had placed a Naquadah bomb in a building in the United States of America that he would detonate if another attempt on his life was made. After Agent Malcolm Barrett and the NID discovered Ba'al's location, Carter and Jackson joined him on a stackout. When Ba'al went public by having a news conference announcing his purchase of Hammel Technologies, Major General Henry Landry called off the assassination to avoid a media circus. After Ba'al returned to a Trust facility, Landry ordered an attack on the facility with Symbiote poison but the Trust was able to intercept the transmition and Ba'al activated the bomb in a building in Seattle, Washington.

Carter is transported to Seattle by the Prometheus to meet with the team that is trying to find the bomb. They have evacuated a five block radius, but they cannot find the bomb, as Naqahdah readings appear to be coming from multiple locations throughout the building. The skyscraper, which was only built one month before, was constructed with Naqahdah laced throughout its internal structure which means that the bomb isn't in the building: the bomb is the building itself.


Prometheus beams the building into space

Asgard transporter Baal building

Seattle building being transported into orbit.

After the building was evacuated, Mitchell had the Prometheus beam the building into space. This, he adds, will only be the first of such demonstrations. Despite Teal'c's attempts to stop Gerak's interference, a small Jaffa contingent attacks the compound where Ba'al is located. Major General Henry Landry calls the attack, and the missile carrying the Tok'ra weapon hits the compound, killing all Goa'uld in the area, including the Jaffa contingent. Meanwhile, Landry launched the symbiote poison but Ba'al had disappeared.


Teal'c went to Dakara to talk to the Jaffa High Council when Gerak brought in Ba'al and executed him. When Teal'c goes to Dakara to confront Gerak, he finds that Gerak has captured Ba'al. Ba'al is killed right in front of Teal'c, by Gerak with a staff weapon. Gerak has won, and the Jaffa High Council now favor him completely.

Teal'c returned and the rest of the team informed him that cloning technology was found in the facility. (SG1: "Ex Deus Machina")

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