"You must rally all those capable of fighting.
All those willing to die.
All those who must not fail.
―An Abydonian Elder, Skaara and an Ascended Daniel Jackson[src]

The Battle of Abydos occurred in 2003 during the Tau'ri-Goa'uld war.


On Abydos, Skaara spoke with the Abydonian elders about Anubis, who will attack soon. In the middle of their council, Dr. Daniel Jackson appeared, telling them that they would not fight alone. At Stargate Command, Colonel Jack O'Neill stepped on an elevator, which malfunctioned in the middle of the ride. Soon, Daniel appeared behind him and updated him on the situation with Anubis, who planned to get the "Eye of Ra" from Abydos to power his new superweapon.

Jack relayed Daniel's Intel to Major General George S. Hammond and SG-1. When they asked where he got that kind of information, he reluctantly admitted to seeing Daniel. Hammond approved the mission, and SG-1 went to Abydos where they met up with Skaara, who brought them into an underground chamber in the Temple of Ra, where they hoped to find the Eye. (SG1: "Full Circle")

The Battle

"If you are not prepared to die, you should not be here."

Anubis' mothership appeared out of hyperspace and several ships fly to the Temple of Ra, which is defended by Teal'c and a number of Abydonians. When the ships and ground troops attack, Teal'c retreats and radios O'Neill, who, irked by Jackson’s absence, starts yelling for Daniel. Daniel appeared and agreed to help Major Samantha Carter and Jonas Quinn figure out how to find the chamber while Jack and Skaara go above to assist Teal'c. Daniel, Carter, and Jonas open the chamber, full of artifacts, but not the Eye. In the pyramid, Jaffa use the front entrance and the Transportation rings to enter the Stargate room and Skaara is mortally wounded while Jack and Teal’c fight valiantly to hold their ground. They are finally forced retreat to the underground chamber where Daniel and Carter were. They discovered a tablet, written in the language of the Ancients, which revealed information about a Lost City of the Ancients.


A Troop transport on Abydos

Carter and Jonas soon found another secret chamber, which Sam shoots open, revealing the Eye. Jack and Teal'c, with Skaara, appear, bedraggled from the Jaffa onslaught. Their leader, Her'ak, confronted SG-1, demanding the Eye. Jack simply threatens to destroy the Eye. Her'ak returned to the ship and informed Anubis. As Her'ak departed, Daniel confronted Anubis, who revealed what he truly is, a partially ascended being. In space, a fleet of Ha'tak vessels appear and Yu contacts Anubis, threatening to destroy him. Daniel, on the other hand, offered Anubis a deal: he will bring him the Eye if Anubis promises to leave Abydos unharmed forever, and he agrees. Daniel then went to SG-1, where he heard to his surprise that Skaara had died and ascended, realizing that Oma Desala must be present. He advised the team of Anubis' partially ascended state: stuck between the mortal world and the ascended one. He also informed them about his deal with Anubis because he wanted SG-1 to find the lost city of the Ancients before Anubis could.

Mothership destroys Abydos

The Abydos Pyramid being destroyed

O'Neill surrendered the Eye to Her'ak and the Jaffa left. On the ship, Her'ak gave Anubis the Eye, and Anubis powered up the superweapon. It fired on Yu’s ships and destroyed several of them. The few remaining retreat, unable to penetrate Anubis' shields. Anubis planned to destroy Abydos, but Daniel appeared and demanded that he stop. Anubis refused, and goads Daniel into attacking him. Daniel attempts to use his ascended powers to destroy him. However, his attack is cut short and he is spirited away by Oma Desala. Anubis, rid of his last obstacle, fired the superweapon at the pyramid on Abydos, where Jack is, and Jack slips through the event horizon of the Abydos Stargate and back to the Stargate Command just in time. The planet Abydos is then destroyed.(SG1: "Full Circle")


After the battle, Earth dialed Abydos multiple times until they finally achieved a lock. Upon arriving at the planet, they found out that the planet was destroyed and the inhabitants were killed. However, the entire village ascended with the help of Oma Desala. Also, with Anubis' ship fully powered, he easily gained superiority over the rest of the Goa'uld. This lasted for several months later when the Tau'ri defectively damaged his superweapon, ultimately leading to his ship's destruction. (SG1: "Full Circle", "Fallen", "Homecoming")

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