A Bedrosian transport shuttle is a small craft capable of high-speed atmospheric or space flight.



A shuttle lowering its shield to trap SG-1.

The ship, used by the technologically advanced Bedrosians, is also capable of hovering in the air. While hovering, the shuttle pod is able to generate a four-panel force field from its ventral side down to the surface to capture adversaries. It is capable of flying at break-neck velocities, and is both versatile and maneuverable.

The vessel's hull is shielded from many forms of plasma-based weaponry. The shape of the interior is particularly suited for concealing troops as they fight off enemies outside the ship.


A Bedrosian transport shuttle once captured three members of SG-1, and was later used by Teal'c in the recovery of his teammates. (SG1: "New Ground")

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