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Ben Pierce
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October 23, 1973

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Ben Pierce - List of Appearances


Rob Lee

Ben Pierce is a Colonel in the United States Air Force.


Helping search for Daniel Jackson

Pierce was first seen as a member of SG-2. He and his team were called in to aid in the search for Dr. Daniel Jackson, who had been kidnapped by the Unas, Chaka.[1]

Searching for the Aschen homeworld

A year later, he was promoted to commanding officer of SG-15. Major General George S. Hammond was going to send him on a mission to determine if the Aschen homeworld was the planet that had been removed from the Dialing computer a year earlier, but was stopped by the President.[3]

Helping out at the Alpha Site

A year later, he,helped the Tok'ra evacuate their base in the Risa system to the Alpha Site. He then guarded the Stargate to keep Anubis' Ashrak from escaping.[4]

The Sebrus incident

After the Sebrus was found on P2X-005, he and his team were brought in to guard the Stargate.[5]

Stopping Lord Mot

Pierce joined SG-1 in their attempt to free the planet P4S-237 from the Goa'uld Mot. They were captured by Mot's Jaffa but later freed by Natania. They were able to get back to the Stargate and reach Stargate Command to secure reinforcements.[6]

Commanding officer of the Alpha Site

Sometime after the destruction of the second Alpha Site, he was promoted to Colonel and assigned as the commanding officer of the Alpha Site located on P4X-650. When The Trust stole the Stargate, he sent Dr. Harris to confirm if the dead Jaffa on P4S-161 had been killed by symbiote poison.[2]

Behind the scenes

Ben Pierce was portrayed by Rob Lee.

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