Birigt Sonnegart is a female Svoriin from Svoriin and she is the commander of the crew of Astrimar. Her rank (roughly equivalent to a Earth Colonel) distinguishes her as a science-trained officer, rather than a field soldier, and is the highest non-flag in the service.



She was born into a staunchly Gard church family, but had little interest in the religion grows up. Instead she concentrated on science and went Aerospace Corps as soon as she was of age. Through diligent work, she rose through the technical ranks earned her flight qualifications and flew experimental prototype spaceship.

At age 45, she was assigned to Astrimar station as his manager, and had filled that role for two years at the time of the accident at Svoriin. For the past year, she and her crew watched from above as their world died. There was nothing they could do. Sonnegart is a stoic officer, totally dedicated to her crew, and determined not to give up until all options have been exhausted. The station has adequate escape vehicle to evacuate the crew to the surface, but despite their dire circumstances, she did not abandon Astrimar, because they obviously could not return to the station under present conditions. She will be skeptical of the wild stories of travelers from other worlds in the beginning, but if a scientist with sufficient knowledge could convince her of his credentials, she may be willing to listen. (RPG: "Friends and Foes: Stargate Season Two")

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