The Blackbird was the code name of Russian Foxtrot class attack submarine. It was infested by a replicator that survived the crash of the Biliskner. The Sub was later overrun by the bugs and its crew killed. The replicators began to replicate more and more. Some of the replicators aboard were killed by boarding parties including the original Asgard technology replicator that survived the crash. The sub was then later destroyed by the USS Dallas, including all the steel-based replicators aboard. A Cuban crisis-era design, the ship was powered by diesel engines and armed with torpedoes. (SG1: "Small Victories")

Known CrewEdit


  • Blackbird, like the name Foxtrot-class submarine for the class, is not the true name of the vessel, but simply an American code name for the vessel Foxtrot-class submarines were known in Soviet service as Project 641, and all ships of the class were named with an alphanumeric designation, ex. B-###.

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