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Bola Kai
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"It's a warrior tribe. Ruthless. They like picking fights, especially with travelers who are peaceful."
Ronon Dex[src]

The Bola Kai are a race of barbaric warlike Humans who are nomadic in nature; they live within the Pegasus galaxy.


They are one of the more primitive warlike peoples who use the Stargate (which they refer to as "the Portal") as a mode of transport to get from planet to planet. They are a collection of various tribes which are differentiated by the tattoo markings on their foreheads. They make use of axes, war clubs, arrows, crossbows, spears, and throwing weapons such as chakrams. Their buildings consist of huts and similar wooden structures.

The Bola Kai are known to leave little of their enemies once they are through with them. Once they have extracted all of the information they can from their prisoners, they are suspected of eating the bodies of their enemies. (SGA: "Missing")

It is revealed in a deleted scene script that at some point elements of the Satedan military were in conflict with the Bola Kai.[1]

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