Breeder fighters are small-manned flying machines used by a race of people the Tau'ri only know as "Breeders".


Unlike their reconnaissance drones, which are unmanned, the fighters are manned. They are operated by two individuals, who control the flight and weapons of the fighters. They are approximately the same size as Eurondan Aero-fighters, and usually attack the enemy after their recon drones report back for lack of enemy activity. Like the aerofighters, they also carry some kind of energy weapons capable of destroying enemy fighters.


The "Breeders" used those fighters to replace ground assaults since their enemy, the Eurondans proceeded in poisoning the atmosphere of their homeworld. They often attempt to break through the Eurondan defenses to exact revenge against the poisoned atmosphere and attempted genocide of their kind. After Jack O'Neill collided with one of the fighters, he realized they were manned and realized the Eurondans weren't entirely truthful to SG-1. After learning of the Eurondan plan to exterminate them, O'Neill escorted the fighters to break through the Eurondan defense, more than likely defeating them. (SG1: "The Other Side")

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