Campbell is a male Tau'ri and he is the leader of the SG-4.


He traveled to the planet M6S-728 with his team to check naquadah deposits by MALP samples of the raw material was discovered. SG team could aim at several underground lines, but can be made of the richness of any statements. SG-4 searched the area around the Stargate to explore widely, and found that the only desert in a radius of a hundred miles to the location of the Stargate. According to a statement from Major Campbell was nowhere to encounter traces of life. On the way back to the gate, however, was team member Bensley was overthrown and his shin had thrown a stone, which is why the team delayed by about five minutes. When Campbell was back in the crease with his team and General George S. Hammond, a report was Campbell with how Tok'ra Takaar through the window of the control room plunged down in the goal area after a Reetou Rebels directed. (SG1: "Unsichtbare Feinde")