Coatlicue was an ancient Goa'uld that took on the identity of an Aztec goddess.

She and likeminded Goa'uld were considered evil and deviant; even by the standards of other Goa'uld. This forced their exile at the hands of Ra who curbed their desire for power. Coatlicue and her fellow Goa'uld would enter into battle against the Omeyocan. Despite killing many of their enemies, most of the Goa'uld group were killed with Coatlicue being the only survivor.

She would travel to Earth, which had been abandoned by the Goa'uld Empire, in order to rebuild her forces without drawing Ra's attention. She would aid in the formation of the Aztec empire on Earth and distorted the civilization with the intent purpose of finding the worlds protected by the Omeyocan.

While forming her empire, her rule would end when one of her children betrayed her to Ra.

She drowned when the Stargate valley flooded on the moon Xalótcan. (SG1: "City of the Gods")

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