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Andee Frizzell

Coldamber was a female Hive Queen.


Coldamber lived during the Lantean-Wraith war over 10,000 years ago and led her forces against the Lanteans during their siege of Atlantis. She was in command of a Wraith cruiser at the time which got shot down over the planet sending it plummeting into the world's ocean. She survived the crash landing but was now stranded on the planet and was incapable of leaving her ship as it was at the bottom of the sea. Thus, she hibernated within the vessel waiting for the chance to escape.


Coldamber watching the invasion forces as they move towards Lantea.

After 10,000 years, she awoke and felt with her mind activity within a nearby Lantean Mobile drilling platform. Using her telepathic talents, she took control over Teyla Emmagan who was part Wraith allowing the queen to use her as a puppet to enter the base. Setting the self-destruct on her cruiser, she then swam between the nearby vessel to the platform. Once inside, she killed Dr. Dickenson and Dr. Graydon from the Atlantis expedition by feeding on them. She was then confronted by Lt. Colonel John Sheppard but used her mental powers to take him over and attempted to use him to pilot the Puddle Jumper away from the world so she could rejoin the Wraith. However, before she could accomplish this, Ronon Dex came and shot out a window. The sudden rush of water incapacitated the Queen.

Normal atl 318 1677

Coldamber under the sea on Lantea.

When she awoke again, she was interrogated by the Atlantis expedition, however she spoke in a position of power and demanded to be freed. It was then learned that if she was not let loose then she would not show them how to deactivate the nearby Wraith cruiser's self-destruct, which would have devastated the planet as it was near a geothermal fault line. Teyla then entered the queens mind and tricked her into believing the cruiser was able to fly. She then swam back to the cruiser and deactivated the self-destruct sequence. The queen was then killed by Sheppard and Dr. Rodney McKay, when McKay unloaded a full FN P90 Personal Defense Weapon magazine into her back, followed by a pistol magazine from Sheppard. (SGA: "Submersion")

Shortly after the capture of Doctor Rodney McKay by the forces of Queen Death, Teyla Emmagan recalls that while training her abilities with Guide, he was stunned to discover that she had faced off with Coldamber and won. Teyla remembers seeing one of Guide's memories featuring him meeting Coldamber and being as powerless before her as Sheppard was. At the same time, Queen Death tells Quicksilver, in reality Doctor Rodney McKay turned into a Wraith, that Coldamber, her far-mother, had tried to take Atlantis but died when her ship crashed into the sea. Queen Death proclaims herself Coldamber's true heir who will not fail as Coldamber did. (SGA: "The Lost")

Guide eventually reveals to Teyla that Coldamber is the original Queen Death, the most feared Queen in all of Wraith history. (SGA: "The Furies")

Behind the scenesEdit

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