Alec Colson's press conference.

Colsons Asgard

Colson's cloned Asgard.

The Colson Incident was one of many incidents that has threatened the security and secrecy of Stargate Command. It was in August 2004 when Alec Colson, leader and founder of Colson Industries tried to make the public aware that many governments, including the United States of America, hid the fact from the population of Earth that there are intelligent beings outside the solar system. His satellites caught images of Prometheus fighting in Antarctica and Anubis's fleet in orbit.

He made an ultimatum to the government: either they confess or he'll expose the truth for them. With only silence given, Colson made a move to up public pressure by showing an Asgard clone that his company had created. Whereas the SGC private discredited Colson by playing off the Asgard as a hologram and privately retrieving any evidence, the clandestine group known as The Trust went to outright assassination. The latter's attempts only had Colson attribute it as the government seeking to silence him.

The SGC soon revealed the existence of the Stargate to Colson and tried to convince him why it must be kept a secret. In the end, the public becomes convinced that Colson set up a hoax to distract them from his corporate financial problems. But in truth, his friend, Brian Vogler, confesses to Colson that the Trust was already aware of his attempts. Afterwards, Vogler commits suicide rather than help take down the Trust. Therefore, Colson was forced to go into hiding on the Alpha Site to fight another day. (SG1: "Covenant")

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