When someone creates a "work of art" which includes original writing, drawings or photographs, they automatically have the copyright to that work. A copyright is the ownership of that work and the right to control its use and any profit made from it. This make it so that people can benefit from the work they do to make the creations. The creator can give other people permission or licensing to use that work.

A copyright does not protect ideas. It does protect the way those ideas are expressed from copying. Violating someone's copyright can be against both civil and criminal law.

On This SiteEdit

Everything on this site is licensed for free use by others (See GFDL below). So, when you put your own creations on the wikicities, including this Stargate Command, you are giving permission for others to use it freely. Before you put something someone else created here, you need to make sure it is ok with them. And so the rest of us know that it is ok, you need to note the source.

An ExampleEdit

For example, when you get a picture off a web site to put here, you will need to give the address of that web site (URL) and explain how you know that it is ok to copy it. (Most web sites have a section on copyright, permissions or terms of use which will explain whether it is ok.)

Content from Other Web SitesEdit

Just because something is on a web site does not mean that it is ok to copy it to another site. Yes, you can do it, but that does not make it ok. You can pick up something in a local store and walk out without paying, but just because you can does not make it ok or legal.


GNU Free Documentation Licensing applied to everything posted on the Wikia. It allows others to use what is created. But, they must allow free use of whatever they create with it. The creator keeps the copyright and should be acknowledged, but others can use it.

Public DomainEdit

Public domain (PD) is stuff that no longer has a copyright. It is available for use. (It's still a good idea to state your source when you use it.) Very old writing, like Shakespeare, is no longer covered by copyright. So you can use it, but you should not lie and say you were the author.

More InformationEdit

Sources for Allowable ImagesEdit

Most of the images from the following sites are in the public domain or licensed by GFDL. Some images may have notes that they are exceptions.

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