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"Corridor Conversation" is the seventh webisode in the series of 34 Kino webisodes.


The Kino sees, but can not hear Lt. Matthew Scott and Chloe Armstrong talking in a corridor.


A Kino is hovering in a corridor, far away from Lt. Matthew Scott and Chloe Armstrong, who are having an intimate conversation. Eli Wallace zooms in to get a closer look. However, they are too far away for Eli to listen in. A moment later, they walk, with Scott's arms around Chloe's back. The two are unaware that Eli is watching.


  • The webisode probably takes place sometime after or during "Darkness".
  • This is a sequel to the episode "Air, Part 3" and a prequel to the episode "Light". It is also a prequel to the webisode "You Okay?".

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