Cult of Setesh

Deciples of the cult of Setesh.

"Seth is life, Seth is happiness, Seth is almighty."
―Disciples of Setesh[src]

The Cult of Setesh were a group of Human worshipers that followed the Goa'uld Setesh. They were controlled through Nish'ta that made them subservient to the Goa'ulds will. The cult had existed for many years on Earth after the Goa'uld banishment from the world. It was known that the cult would swell in numbers before coming to the attention of local Tau'ri authorities; when Setesh would order them to commit ritual suicide. After which, its leader would reform the cult at another time and location. It made several appearances, first in Ancient Greece, where Setesh claimed to be the god Typhon, and then later in eighteenth century England. Its final incarnation was in a compound outside of Seattle, Washington in the United States of America. In 1999, they were involved in a stand-off with US Government's Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, which was broken by the intervention of SG-1.

Woman that were part of the cult became part of a harem that tended to Lord Setesh while some males would become guards and warriors that were stationed outside. Some males would be located inside Setesh's temple and were eunuchs. The cult had access to both human weapons as well as some advanced Goa'uld equipment that Setesh would provide.

Its likely that the Cult came to an end when Setesh was killed by Captain Samantha Carter, a member of the Stargate Command's flagship team, SG-1. (SG1: "Seth")

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The Cult of Setesh has several parallels with the real life Branch Davidian cult involved in the infamous Waco Siege of 1993. For example, the leader, David Koresh believed in an imminent coming of the Apocalypse and illegally stockpiled machine guns, ammunition, and explosives in anticipation of such a battle.

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