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< 304
USS Daedalus
Production information




Technical specifications

225 meters[1]


95 meters[1]


75 meters[1]

Maximum speed

150,300,225 meters per second[1]

Engine unit(s)


Hyperdrive system


Power plant

Asgard shields


Naquadah/Trinium alloy

Sensor systems

Asgard sensor array

Targeting systems

Earth targeting systems

Navigation system

Computer navigational systems


8-16 F-302 fighter-interceptors

Other systems
  • Battlecruiser
  • Deep Space Carrier
Year introduced


"Sister ship of the Prometheus—I didn't even know it was finished."
Rodney McKay[src]

The Daedalus is the first BC-304 produced by the Tau'ri and the second generation of interstellar capital ship developed by the United States military. Assigned to the Fast Attack Wing, her standard mission has been to ferry equipment and personnel between Earth and Atlantis, assisting the Atlantis expedition as needed. It is currently under the command of Colonel Steven Caldwell.

The Daedalus is armed with 32 Railguns, Mark VIII and IX tactical warheads, and a bay of F-302 fighter-interceptors. It also possesses Asgard shields and beaming technology. Unlike its predecessor, the Prometheus, Asgard defensive equipment was installed during the ship's production rather than added after the fact. Following the extinction of the Asgard race, the Daedalus (as well as all other BC-304s) was retrofitted with Asgard plasma beam weapons. Propulsion consists of standard thrusters as well as an Asgard hyperdrive, capable of traveling between Earth and Atlantis in 18 days without the use of a Zero Point Module. Originally, to ensure that their technologies were not abused, an Asgard engineering expert was provided to monitor the ship's systems for the first two years of its operation. Following the Daedalus being put into service, it began acting as the main Tau'ri ship servicing Atlantis though the Apollo occasionally took up this duty and the Odyssey once did on a special occasion.


Commanding Officers

Known Crew


The Siege of Atlantis

Main article: Battle of Atlantis
Daedalus vs Wraith

The Daedalus engages the Wraith fleet

The Daedalus' first mission was to travel to Atlantis, which was facing attack by a fleet of three Wraith Hive ships. Using a Zero Point Module discovered in Egypt, the Daedalus was able to make the three million light-year journey in less than four days. Upon it's arrival in orbit of Lantea, the Daedalus used its Asgard transporters to rescue Major John Sheppard, who was piloting a Puddle Jumper on a suicide mission to destroy one of the Hive ships. After quickly making radio contact with Atlantis, the ZPM was beamed down to Dr. Rodney McKay and used to power Atlantis' shield. The Daedalus then launched several nuclear warheads at the remaining Hive ship, but they were intercepted by Wraith Darts long before they reached their target. Hermiod then reluctantly agreed to use the transporter to deliver a warhead aboard the Wraith ship, thus destroying the one remaining Hive and routing the assault force.

Daedalus Atlantis lift-of wide

The Daedalus lands on Atlantis

When the Wraith dispatched twelve more Hive ships to attack Atlantis, the Daedalus was sent to intercept them and, in the process, destroyed two more Hive ships before the Wraith managed to employ countermeasures preventing the use of the Asgard transporter to beam anything on or off of the Wraith ships. After sustaining moderate damage, the Daedalus was forced to withdraw and land on Atlantis for the protection of the city's shield. Ultimately, a plan was devised to fool the Wraith into believing the city was destroyed. All nonessential base personnel were then evacuated to the Daedalus and, using the ship's transporter, a nuclear weapon was beamed directly above the city shield. The cloak was then activated while the city was hidden by the blast. The plan succeeded, and the Wraith withdrew, believing the city to be destroyed. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 2", "The Siege, Part 3")

After returning to Earth, the Daedalus ferried Dr. Elizabeth Weir, newly promoted Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, and the rest of the Atlantis command staff back to the city. While en route, it became clear that the ship had been infected by a Wraith computer virus that attempted to kill the crew and deliver the ship to the Wraith, who desired its intergalactic hyperdrive technology. The virus was ultimately eradicated, but not before the ship's Long-range transmitter and Asgard sensor array had to be destroyed in order to prevent the virus from using a distress call to broadcast the ship's location to the Wraith. (SGA: "The Intruder")

Duties in Pegasus


The Daedalus fleeing from Project Arcturus

While returning to Earth from a routine resupply mission, Colonel Caldwell decided to divert the Daedalus to drop by and check on Sheppard and McKay's efforts to harness the ultimate power source. After the power source started to overload, Sheppard and McKay fled in a Puddle Jumper to escape through the Stargate before the explosion wiped out 5/6 of the solar system. However, the power source's weapon made a run on the Stargate very dangerous as Sheppard had to fly zigzag to avoid the weapon's blasts. As Sheppard tried to figure out a safe way through the Stargate, the Daedalus positioned itself between the blasts and his ship and Colonel Caldwell told Sheppard to get through the Stargate as the Daedalus ran interference for him. Thanks to the Daedalus, which suffered several hits from the weapon but no visible damage, Sheppard and McKay were able to make it through the Stargate to safety. Moments later, the Daedalus jumped to hyperspace just before the explosion. (SGA: "Trinity")

When Atlantis picked up a signal from the Ancient warship Aurora, the Daedalus carried Sheppard's team to investigate. Upon their arrival, they encountered a Wraith scout ship that they quickly destroyed without difficulty. Subsequently after that, the Daedalus' sensors detected two more Wraith cruisers en route. The Daedalus then withdrew but not before Sheppard activated Aurora's self-destruct. The resulting explosion destroyed Aurora and the two Wraith cruisers upon their arrival. (SGA: "Aurora")


The Daedalus in battle

The Daedalus was dispatched to destroy a Wraith Hive ship on which most of Sheppard's team had been imprisoned on along with Lt. Aiden Ford. Discovering two Hive ships instead, Caldwell chose to engage them nonetheless, unwilling to risk knowledge of Atlantis' survival being spread among the Wraith. During the engagement, Sheppard managed to turn the Wraith ships against each other, destroying them. Finding no survivors, the Daedalus returned to Atlantis. (SGA: "The Hive")

Some weeks later, the ship was returning to Earth from another resupply mission when it was used to relay a warning to Atlantis that a Trust operative had planted a bomb in the city. Dr. Elizabeth Weir ordered the Daedalus to return to Atlantis to assist in locating the Agent, and assisted in an evacuation of the city before the operative was revealed to be Caldwell -- actually a Goa'uld. (SGA: "Critical Mass")

During one of the Daedalus trips to Atlantis, the ship was near Jovian planet's atmosphere testing new hydrogen ram scoop technology when it was diverted to the planet Halcyon where Sheppard and his team were attempting to destroy a Wraith hive ship. When the Daedalus arrived, McKay realized the shape on the hive ship's sensors was wrong to be another Wraith ship and realized it to be the Daedalus. However, the Daedalus came in primed for battle and the Wraith Scar activated a self-destruct program in the hopes of destroying the Daedalus as well as his ship. As the self-destruct began, McKay tried to reach the Daedalus and warn them off to no avail. The arrival of the Daedalus sparked fear in the locals who believed it to be another Wraith ship before Caldwell contacted Doctor Beckett to let him know it was them and they had survived the explosion. The Daedalus had been able to beam out Sheppard's team and the Halcyonites before the explosion, but the explosion was powerful enough to flip the Daedalus over, blow out the shields in a single surge of power, cause numerous hull breaches and injuries, damage many systems and almost destroy the ship. Colonel Caldwell commented that they needed to thank General Hank Landry for insisting on shield upgrades which had saved the ship. Afterwards, the Daedalus off-loaded supplies meant for Atlantis to help the people of Halcyon and some of the ship's engineers began helping the locals with plans for new irrigation systems, water supplies and similar things to aid in improving the Halcyonites' standard of living. (SGA: "Halcyon")

Following the destruction of the Prometheus, the Daedalus was briefly used in the Milky Way as well. The vessel was sent to Tegalus after contact was lost with the people of that world; there they found evidence that the two rival nations on that world had all but destroyed each other. (SG1: "Ethon")

On one visit to Atlantis, Hermiod eventually felt the need to affect repairs to the ship's hyperdrive that involved traveling in a wide orbit around the solar system. (SGA: "The Long Goodbye")


The Daedalus orbits Taranis

When the planet Taranis came under threat from a supervolcano, the Daedalus was dispatched once the Stargate was destroyed to help evacuate the residents. However, the size of the population meant the Daedalus would have to make four trips with the ship unlikely to have enough time for all of them. Upon the ship's return from Atlantis on its second trip, the crew could only detect a small group of lifesigns and beamed them aboard, saving the lives of Teyla, Ronon and a group of villagers who were in danger of suffocating in the toxic atmosphere. However, as the Ancient base was shielded, the Daedalus couldn't detect the rest of Sheppard's team or rescue them. The Daedalus remained in orbit and monitored the eruption of the supervolcano. To the crew's relief, the Ancient ship Orion emerged from hyperspace moments later with the rest of the team and villagers aboard. The Daedalus then helped to ferry the people back to Atlantis. (SGA: "Inferno")

Alliance with the Wraith

Main article: Battle of the Void

Three weeks later, the Daedalus held position just out Atlantis' sensor range in anticipation of the arrival of a Wraith Hive ship, which carried a proposal for an alliance against other factions of rival Wraith. During the ensuing efforts to weaponize Dr. Carson Beckett's retrovirus for use against a Wraith Hive ship, the Daedalus observed one attempt by the Wraith to infiltrate another ship. When the other Hive opened fire, Daedalus came to the friendly Hive's aid as the attempt failed. During the next attempt, in which the Daedalus was to hide in close proximity to the friendly Hive so as to deliver the retrovirus using its Asgard transporters, the Wraith had provided them a means to break through their countermeasures. This proved to be a trap resulting in the Daedalus' ambush by two Hives with the transporters still ineffectual. After an intense battle, the two Hives simply jumped away, leaving the Daedalus behind. (SGA: "Allies")


The Daedalus in battle

Colonel Steven Caldwell then took his ship back to Atlantis for emergency repairs, where Dr. Elizabeth Weir ordered him to pursue and destroy the Wraith ships at any cost. Aided by the Orion, which destroyed one Hive ship before being destroyed itself, the Daedalus managed to severely cripple the second, but was disabled before it could be destroyed thus resulting in a stalemate. As life support had failed, but Asgard transporters were still operational, a plan was devised to deliver the retrovirus onto the Hive, thus resulting in breathable air and the Hive ship's capture. Using the hive ship's hyperdrive, the Daedalus returned to Atlantis where it could be repaired. Later, the repaired Daedalus went to check on Sheppard's team at M8G-352 and found the captured hive ship destroyed. However, to the crew's relief, they located the team floating in a cloaked Puddle Jumper amongst the wreckage and carried them back to Atlantis. (SGA: "No Man's Land", "Misbegotten")

Further duties

Again operational, the ship ferried Lt. Colonel John Sheppard's team to Sateda, where a Wraith had taken Ronon Dex and was in the process of hunting him; as Colonel Steven Caldwell was unwilling to engage the Wraith directly, the Daedalus departed immediately after releasing Sheppard's team in a Puddle Jumper. After rescuing Ronon, the team returned to the Daedalus in their Puddle Jumper to return home. (SGA: "Sateda")

On another trip, the ship ferried Dr. Rodney McKay and his sister, Jeannie Miller, to Atlantis as part of efforts to recreate McKay's ultimate power source. When McKay's alternate reality self "Rod" returned home, he had the Daedalus beam him into the matter bridge for the trip. (SGA: "McKay and Mrs. Miller")

The vessel was also dispatched to recover Sheppard's team after the Dial Home Device on M1B-129 was destroyed by sabotage. (SGA: "Phantoms")

While observing the first test of the McKay/Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge, the Daedalus detected the Ancient warship Tria, and provided transport for the Ancients on board back to Atlantis. Some weeks later, after the Ancients had retaken control of the city and then lost it to the Asurans, the Daedalus was dispatched to destroy Atlantis with a nuclear weapon to protect Earth. Sheppard, McKay, Ronon, Teyla, Weir and Beckett had returned to the city to retake it and used the approach of the Daedalus to their advantage, modifying the city's shield so that it emitted a disruptor wave when the Replicators raised it against the approach of the Daedalus. With the city retaken, the team then contacted the Daedalus to have them call off their attack. Though reluctant, Colonel Caldwell eventually agreed to send a team of Marines to Atlantis to assess the situation before destroying the city and the attack was called off. (SGA: "The Return, Part 1", "The Return, Part 2")

Deadalus under fire

The Daedalus intercepts a massive Coronal mass ejection from the Lantean Star using a Zero Point Module

Following the return of the Atlantis expedition to the city, the Daedalus was present during an apparent onslaught by the Lantean whale-fish Flagisallus. Caldwell recommended simply shooting them all, but when it was discovered that the animals were simply reacting to an imminent Coronal mass ejection by the Lantean Star, the ship was equipped with Atlantis' Zero Point Module and sent to deflect the blast using its shield. In doing so, the Daedalus sustained considerable damage and came seconds away from destruction, but the mission was a success. (SGA: "Echoes")

When Dr. Daniel Jackson orchestrated the Fall of the Ori, the Daedalus was called upon to aid in the effort by destroying the Pegasus side of the Supergate connection. On the command of General O'Neill from aboard the Odyssey, the Daedalus beamed a Mark IX Gatebuster behind the Pegasus Stargate, destroying it and severing the connection. As a result, Daniel was able to send the Sangraal through the Supergate to the Ori galaxy and destroy the Ori once and for all. (SG1: "The Shroud")

The Daedalus also assisted Sheppard's team in halting a war between two nations whom Sheppard and McKay had unwittingly been influencing through a piece of equipment on Atlantis that they had believed to be a game. In order to frighten the two sides out of confrontation, the Daedalus' weapons were used to simulate bomb explosions on the planet's surface. (SGA: "The Game")

Battle of Asuras

Main article: Battle of Asuras

The Daedalus and Apollo arrive in Pegasus to combat the Asurans

The Daedalus returned to Atlantis accompanied by the Apollo, the newest ship of the Tau'ri fleet. The two launched an attack against several Asuran Aurora-class battleships using their new Asgard plasma beam weapons, which causing them to retreat back to Asuras. The Daedalus, Apollo, seven Wraith Hive ships, five Traveler generational ships and a Traveler controlled Aurora-class battleship later launched an all out attack against Asuras in an attempt to destroy the Asurans for good. The fleet, led by the Daedalus and the Apollo, held off the Asuran fleet long enough for Dr. Rodney McKay to implement the plan and left when Asuras exploded destroying most the Asurans. During the battle, the Daedalus protects Todd's hive ship, flying between it and an Asuran ship and destroying the enemy ship before the hive ship can be destroyed. (SGA: "Be All My Sins Remember'd")

Destruction of Midway

When the Midway space station was destroyed, the surviving crew boarded a Puddle Jumper to await rescue by the Daedalus on its return to Atlantis which would take a couple of weeks. On Earth, the Daedalus picked up Ronon Dex to ferry back to Atlantis with the intention to discover why Earth had lost contact with Midway. The Daedalus eventually discovered the destruction of Midway and, unable to contact the survivors in the Puddle Jumper, picked them up in the 302 Bay. The Daedalus then brought the rescued survivors back to Atlantis. (SGA: "Midway")

Skirmishes with Michael


The Daedalus fires at Michael

After learning the possible location of Teyla Emmagan, the Daedalus was dispatched to investigate. It picked up Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, Ronon Dex, Dr. Rodney McKay and Major Evan Lorne and his team at a nearby planet and headed to the location given to them. Upon their arrival, the two teams were beamed into the base while the Daedalus remained in orbit. Michael Kenmore showed up in his cruiser and engaged the Daedalus in battle. The Daedalus' shields held and the cruiser proved to be no match for the powerful warship. After learning from a guard that Teyla was probably on board the cruiser, Sheppard asked Caldwell not to destroy it. Realizing that the cruiser had sustained heavy damage, the Daedalus tried to disable it, firing at its engines as it ran. However, the cruiser escaped into hyperspace before any damage could be done. (SGA: "The Kindred, Part 1")

Main article: Battle of M2S-445

The Daedalus destroys Michael's cruiser

Several weeks after this incident, the Daedalus was sent to retrieve the survivors of a building collapse that occurred while Sheppard's team was searching for Teyla, leaving them trapped under the rubble. The Daedalus arrived and exited hyperspace over the planet, and found itself in orbit along with Michael's cruiser. Michael realized that the Daedalus had arrived, and attempted to jump into hyperspace. However, Colonel Steven Caldwell ordered Major Kevin Marks to disable the cruiser's hyperdrive, stranding it in the star system. Just as Michael's Hybrids are were about to retrieve Sheppard and Ronon, they were beamed out by the Daedalus. As the Daedalus had to drop its shields to beam the survivors, Michael's ship was able to cause considerable damage to it, disabling sublight and hyperdrive engines as well as Asgard plasma beam weapons. As only the shields were going to hold for a short time, the Daedalus launched an F-302 fighter-interceptor strike against Michael's cruiser to which Wraith Darts were launched in response. This attack disabled the cruiser's main weapons as well as allowing a cloaked Puddle Jumper with Sheppard, Ronon and McKay to board. The strike team was able to disable the cruiser's hyperdrive and rescue Teyla (with the help of Kanaan). As soon as the team was confirmed safe, the repaired Daedalus destroyed Michael's cruiser. (SGA: "Search and Rescue")

Additional duties and Hijack

In the following weeks and months, the Daedalus continued it's ferrying and courier duties between Earth and Atlantis. On one occasion, it brought Richard Woolsey to his new assignment as the base commander. (SGA: "The Seed")

The next confirmed trip to the Pegasus Galaxy was bringing Jeanie Miller, Dr. Rodney McKay's sister, to Atlantis when he was infected with the parasite causing Second Childhood. (SGA: "The Shrine")

When the team disappears on Admah and they can't connect with the Stargate again, Woolsey contacts the Daedalus to rescue them. However, the Daedalus crew determines they won't reach Admah in time to save the team. Instead, Woolsey diverts the Daedalus to M3T-842 where he sent Major Lorne's team after they received a message from McKay that Sheppard's team will make their way there. The Daedalus detects a hive ship landed on the planet and informs Woolsey they can't beam the team out as a result, but instead offers to lay down covering fire for a brief time. When Sheppard's team arrives, they find Lorne's team under attack by the Wraith. As the two teams attempt to retreat through the Stargate, McKay and Sheppard get cut-off before the Daedalus opens fire from orbit, driving the Wraith back and allowing them to escape through the Stargate. The Daedalus then flees the planet before the Wraith can send serious pursuit after it. Following the resolution of the crisis, the Daedalus later broadcasts the destruction of Admah to Atlantis. (SGA: "Brimstone")

Main article: Battle of M6H-987

The Daedalus with Todd's Hive ship

Later, when Dr. Jennifer Keller developed a drug that enabled Wraith to be sustained on actual food, the Daedalus was sent to meet a Wraith delegation to discuss the matter. However, after believing he had been betrayed, Todd commandeered the ship and subdued the bridge crew, as well as initiated a ship-wide lockdown. (SGA: "First Contact")

Todd took the Daedalus to communications range with Atlantis and forced Lt. Colonel John Sheppard to tell him where the Attero Device was. Once he had that information, he set course for M6H-987 where the device was. Meanwhile Ronon Dex and Keller managed to avoid capture and set out to disable the ship. The two made it to engineering and Ronon disabled the hyperdrive, weapons and shields by shooting the control crystals for them. Todd's crew managed to repair shields and hyperdrive, but couldn't get weapons back up. As a result, Todd had the ship programmed to search for the facility where the Attero Device was and to crash into it once the ship dropped out of hyperspace. They then held up in their Wraith scout ship and waited for the Daedalus to drop out of hyperspace, at which time they departed the ship.


The Daedalus enters M6H-987's atmosphere

Meanwhile, Ronon rescued Keller and the rest of the Daedalus' crew and they try to regain control over the ship's systems as it descended through the atmosphere of M6H-987 on a collision course for Janus' research outpost. Sheppard, piloting a Traveler generational ship, flew it in front of the Daedalus and opened a hyperspace window large enough for the two ships, jumping them safely to the other side of the planet where the Traveler ship destroyed the remaining Vanir spaceship. Major Kevin Marks then finally managed to regain control over the ship's systems. The Daedalus then beamed up Dr. Daniel Jackson and Dr. Rodney McKay and, after the facility and Attero Device were destroyed, returned to Atlantis. It also later retrieved a new Stargate for Atlantis to replace the one destroyed by the Attero Device, taking one from the, currently inactive, McKay/Carter Intergalactic Gate Bridge. (SGA: "The Lost Tribe")



The Daedalus opens fire

"Ready missiles. We're gonna throw everything we have at this guy."
Steven Caldwell[src]
Main article: Battle of the Super-hive

In 2009, Todd contacted Atlantis and revealed that his underling mutinied and managed to use several Zero Point Modules to power a formidable new Super-hive. He urged Richard Woolsey to attack and destroy it before it became a threat to Atlantis. Onboard the Daedalus, Colonel Steven Caldwell, Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and the rest of the team rushed to engage the new Hive ship. However, the ZPM powered vessel proved itself an impressive opponent, crippling the Daedalus before it made a sudden jump into hyperspace to Earth. The Daedalus was eventually repaired to the point that it could return to Atlantis, but Caldwell stated that it would take "weeks" before they could make the trip back. (SGA: "Enemy at the Gate")

Atlantis' Return to Pegasus

After the IOA decided not to allow Atlantis to go back to Pegasus, it was decided that the Daedalus and the George Hammond would instead be going in shifts to battle the Wraith. After the IOA changes their minds, the Daedalus follows close behind Atlantis though it is nearly two weeks slower, first seeing the city off from a lower orbit with the George Hammond. After Atlantis is forced to land on the frozen planet due to a hyperdrive malfunction, they contact Earth to inform them of where to divert the Daedalus to since the crew expects them to be going back to Lantea. The Daedalus is able to reach the planet thirteen days after leaving Earth, with Colonel Caldwell stating that the new trip takes twelve days rather than eighteen though the ship took a day longer due to the crew having to change course. The Daedalus brings Atlantis the priority medical supplies they needed, but is unable to bring the new MANPAD systems due to a lack of room. The crew is allowed to take leave on Atlantis while the Daedalus is landed there and the ship departs soon afterwards for Earth. Though Caldwell offers to have the Daedalus stay for awhile due to a recent crisis with the Genii, Richard Woolsey refuses the offer, stating that if they had the Daedalus stay after every crisis, the ship would constantly be in orbit. The Daedalus departs as per the new ship schedule with Caldwell promising to return in a month. (SGA: "Legacy: Homecoming")

The Daedalus eventually returns to Atlantis after Rodney McKay's capture and is called into action alongside the George Hammond to defend the city against an attack by a hive ship and Wraith cruiser sent by Queen Death and equipped with shields outfitted by the now-Wraith McKay. During the battle, the Daedalus engines are disabled and the Hammond has to face the hive ship alone as the Daedalus works on repairs. As the Hammond attempts a suicide run, the Daedalus crew finally fixes her engines and the Daedalus resumes her attack. Taking advantage of the distraction, Colonel Samantha Carter uses the last of the George Hammond's power to fire her ship's railguns into the hive ship's damaged stern as it faces the Daedalus, destroying the hive ship. Carter is left adrift without power or life support, but the Daedalus beams her out. Repairs begin on both ships with the Daedalus being repaired more quickly. As a result, Caldwell takes the Daedalus back to Earth to report as Atlantis no longer has a ZPM and the Hammond's hyperdrive is still down. When the Daedalus leaves, the ship takes the most critically injured from the battle to send to the SGC through the first Milky Way Stargate they find and leave behind their F-302 wing to help in the coming battles as the Hammond was launched without one. (SGA: "Allegiance", "The Furies")

When Atlantis learns of Queen Death's impending attack, the Daedalus is determined to be too far away to reach Atlantis in time to help so an attempt is not made. (SGA: "Inheritors")

Alternate realities


The Battle of M35-117

  • In an alternate reality, an alternate Daedalus was commanded by Colonel Sobel. The ship was equipped with the Alternate reality drive, which allowed the ship to shift to several parallel universes (including ours). Sobel was eventually forced to abandon the ship and left a message, hoping that her people would find her and her crew. The ship had also jumped over M35-117 in this reality. This Daedalus ended up having two versions of the team trapped on it: one died of starvation, while the other managed to figure out how to put the drive in reverse and abandoned ship when this Daedalus returned to their reality. In their time on board the ship, they encountered a reality where Atlantis wasn't at M35-117 for whatever reason, a reality in which an alien race attacked Atlantis but were stopped when the team took out their weapons with Asgard plasma beam weapons and were later saved by a F-302 fighter-interceptor attack launched by that Atlantis, a red giant sun and an asteroid field where M35-117 had been destroyed millions of years ago by an impact. (SGA: "The Daedalus Variations")
  • In one of the alternate realities encountered by the Daedalus that Lt. Colonel John Sheppard and his team were on, Daedalus was destroyed in 2006 during a battle with the Asurans. (SGA: "The Daedalus Variations")

Major campaigns

Behind the scenes

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  • In Greek mythology, Daedalus was a cunning inventor. He was the most technologically advanced man in the ancient world. It is told that he invented moving images and was the first man to fly. According to legend, Daedalus was imprisoned by King Minos. The king ordered Daedalus to build the mythical labyrinth containing the minotaur. After Daedalus completed his task he demanded that he and his son be released. When Minos refused, Daedalus thought of ways to escape the island. Finally he decided to fashion a pair of wings made of feathers bound together with wax, and taught his son, Icarus, to fly. Unfortunately Icarus failed to listen to his father's warning of not flying too close to the sun. The wax in his wings melted, the wings came apart and he fell into the ocean and drowned. Daedalus did escape, but mourned the death of Icarus for the rest of his life.
  • In the anime series Macross (adapted in the U.S. as part of Robotech), one of the super carriers attached to the SDF-1 Macross was named the Daedalus. Perhaps not coincidentally, the other carrier was called Prometheus.
  • In "Be All My Sins Remember'd", the Daedalus only ever fires two Asgard plasma beam weapons, from either side of the ship's nose.
  • Given the known distance from the Milky Way galaxy to Pegasus galaxy, three million light years, and the canon information presented in-show of the Daedalus traveling from Earth to Atlantis in 18 days, the top cruising velocity of the Daedalus' intergalactic hyperdrive would be 6944.44 light-years per hour (or 1.93 light-years per second). When equipped with a ZPM, the Daedalus traversed the same distance in four days, making the Daedalus' top cruising velocity with a ZPM 31250Ly/hour (8.68Ly/second).
  • While the Daedalus appears in the Legacy series, it is generally replaced by the George Hammond as the defensive ship for Atlantis. However, this was because one of the ships needed to report in to Earth and the Daedalus was in the best shape and was unable to return in time for the later battles.
  • Even after the introduction of the Apollo, the Daedalus is indicated to remain Atlantis' primary ship. Dialogue indicates that more often than not, its the Daedalus that comes to Atlantis rather than the Apollo which "Remnants" shows does make at least occasional trips to Atlantis. Given that the Apollo is mainly shown coming to Atlantis during "First Strike" and "Be All My Sins Remember'd", its likely the Apollo generally only comes for special missions while the Daedalus handles most if not all of the normal trips.

References and notes

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