Dan Kashagama
Biographical information
Birth name

Omukama Ndahura II Imara Kashagama

  • King Ndahura II
  • Imara D. Kashagama
Place of birth

Kasese, Mbarara, Uganda



Other information
Stargate universe information

Dan Kashagama is an actor. Dan is a Monarch of Busongora Kingdom [formerly the Chwezi Empire, currently part of Uganda] since May 21, 2015. Dan explains meaning of his full name "Omukama Ndahura II Imara Kashagama": "Omukama" means "King"; the regnal name "Ndahura II"...a regnal name is given on accession to the throne; "Ndahura" also happens to be what Basongora refer to as the "bukuru" name...meaning the ancestral name that every member of the community must have...but which is rarely used in public; these ancestral names are few and are also known as "Chwezi Names", and they may not be spoken without serious cause; "Imara" is the middle name, and "Kashagama" is the last name or "Sur" name. Dan is his first name, or baptismal name.


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