Captain Hagman inspecting a dart freshly-removed from his body.

"Something small and sharp should be able to penetrate it... such as a fine-tipped trinium dart."
Samantha Carter[src]

A Dart is a primitive missile weapon, similar to Javelins or Arrows, used by a number of the more-primitive races in the Milky Way and Pegasus galaxies. However, despite being primitive, they are one of the few weapons capable of penetrating Goa'uld personal defense shields and the armor of Anubis' Kull warriors due to their slow-moving and sharp nature.


When SG-1 visited P2X-374, they were attacked by the locals, who wielded javelins and darts. During the engagement, captain Hagman was struck by a dart and was quickly knocked unconscious. (SG1: "Redemption, Part 1")

In 2003, a significantly more advanced trinium-tipped dart was used by SG-1 in a plan to incapacitate a kull warrior. As their armor was made of a close-knit fiber similar to Kevlar, it was capable of penetrating its armor where energy-based or projectile weapons were not. (SG1: "Evolution, Part 1").

In 2004, Colonel O'Neill used a dart gun to incapacitate Osiris. (SG1: "Chimera")


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