David Bloom
David Bloom
Biographical information
Place of birth

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Date of death

November 6, 1959



Stargate universe information

David Bloom is a Canadian actor. In addition to his professional credits as actor, David Bloom has extensive experience working at colleges, universities and workshops. He has taught stage fighting, acting, improvisation, script analysis and play creation in British Columbia for the Playhouse Theater School, Douglas College, the University of British Columbia, Capilano College and for the Association of British Columbia Drama Educators. His directing, acting and fight choreography credits have taken him to almost every company in British Columbia, across the country including the Theater festival of the Americas, Shaw Festival, Manitoba Theater Center, the Citadel, and to London, England. He is also a founder and co-artistic director of the theater company Felix Culpa based in Vancouver. David is a graduate of Studio 58.


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