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Dillon Everett
Dillon Everett
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July 11, 1951

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"The Siege, Part 2"
"The Siege, Part 3"


Clayton Landey

"You show up here with your guns and your brush cuts, but when it comes to actually saving the city, you turn to the scientists!"
Rodney McKay[src]

Dillon Everett is a Colonel in the United States Marine Corps that briefly took charge of the Atlantis expedition in 2005, arriving as part of the first group of reinforcements sent from Earth via the Stargate.


Defending Atlantis

Arriving with a heavily armed Marine contingent shortly before Atlantis was to come under attack by a Wraith fleet, Everett assumed command of the base by orders of Brigadier General Jack O'Neill. Initially, Everett refused to include Dr. Elizabeth Weir in discussions on the city's military defense, but relented at the insistence of Major John Sheppard. Having been a good friend of Colonel Marshall Sumner, Everett had objections to Sheppard as well, and showed little patience for the Major's at times insubordinate behavior. He also restricted the movements of Teyla Emmagan, citing concern that she might come under Wraith influence.

As the attack progressed, Everett's attitudes began to change. After Wraith soldiers had invaded the city, he allowed Teyla and the Athosians to assist in tracking them down. He also began to show respect for Weir as the Wraith siege dragged on, particularly after she secured a deal for two Genii A-bombs. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 2")

During the Wraith attack, Everett was attacked by a Wraith and fed upon. Although the Wraith was killed in mid-feeding, Everett aged considerably as a result. When Sheppard visited him in the infirmary, Everett said he had a good idea of what Sumner had gone through and that Sheppard, who shot Sumner dead to end his suffering, had done the right thing, adding that he wished Sheppard had been there to do it for him. He was returned to Earth for additional medical care. (SGA: "The Siege, Part 3")

While in Atlantis, Everett was given the Ancient Technology Activation Gene by Gene Therapy.

Behind the Scenes

Dillon Everett's working name was originally going to be named Matthew Everett[1] but this name was changed to Dillon before the character was introduced.[2]


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