Douglas MacLaren is the male Tau'ri scientist who invented the substance HU-2340. It took him five years to produce a small amount. In 2001, when SG-1 had mistakenly introduced a super-heavy element to K'tau's sun, Major Samantha Carter suggested to Major General George S. Hammond that they could send a rocket to the star to fix the problem. The rocket parts were sent to K'tau and assembled while SG-1 waited for the quantity of HU-2340 to arrive at Stargate Command, however, the rocket was destroyed by suicide bombers. The new plan involved shutting down the active wormhole while the substance was in transit.

MacLaren signed a Non-disclosure agreement and the President endorsed him. He was able to deliver the substance to Stargate Command himself and he became aware of the Stargate program's existence. Samantha Carter suggested HU-2340 be renamed Maclarium in his honor and the substance was sent through the Gate. The star was restored to its natural state, however whether that was due to MacLaren's invention or Asgard intervention is unknown. (SG1: "Red Sky")

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