Drop the Sirs



May 17, 2010

Directed by

Ivon Bartok


Brian J. Smith as Lt. Matthew Scott
Jamil Walker Smith as MSgt. Ronald Greer

Preceded by

"Wait For It"

Followed by

"Like a Hug"

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"Drop the Sirs" is the twenty-fifth webisode in the series of 34 Kino webisodes.


Lt. Matthew Scott attempts to clear the air with MSgt. Ronald Greer about leaving him behind on the planet.


Early one morning aboard Destiny, Lt. Matthew Scott enters the mess hall to find MSgt. Ronald Greer already sitting at a table. Greer addresses Scott as "sir", prompting Scott to encourage dropping the formalities, given their distance from home.

Scott then joins Greer at the table and begins to apologize for leaving him behind in the collapsed ruins of an unnamed planet. He tells Greer that it was not easy to leave him and that he was sure he was dead. Greer assures him that no explanation is necessary, but Scott continues. He explains that had Chloe Armstrong and Eli Wallace not been on the planet with them, he would have stayed.

Greer responds by again saying that he understands. They are "friends, brothers" but there is a more important bond to their duty. He states that it is Scott's job to give orders and that it is his job to follow them, without question. If Scott had stayed, it is possible they both would have died on the planet. He reassures Scott, telling him not to lose any sleep over it as it was the right decision.

Scott asks Greer how many officers he has trained. Greer responds with "just the ones I liked."


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